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There’s nothing like witnessing the connection between people in love and my obsession with capturing that for every couple is insatiable. It has me driving across state lines, crying (and sharing tissues) with guests during vows, editing until the sun comes up, and beaming as my phone dings after a gallery delivery. That why on your wedding day you’ll hear me saying—

Because I can’t get enough of your love. I want to give you every rare detail, every sweet embrace, and every morsel of emotion you experience together. So you can relive it wholly for the rest of your lives. Call it corny, or crazy, or cliche — I just call it my purpose.

Corny? Yes. But is it the truth? Absolutely. 

“Just one more shot.”

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Much like in life, this business was a solely me-thing for a long while. And then someone that would make everything just that much better came along— my forever person, Chris. We realized that by bringing our talents together we could give couples a comprehensive and cohesive representation of their wedding day through photos and film. We could so seamlessly, without crowding the room with ideas or clunky transitions. And most importantly, we’re able to document your day without competing for your attention when it should be focused solely on being present moment to moment. My movement-based approach compliments his video, and his creative eye while filming gives me new perspectives while shooting. We work as a unit to support, celebrate, and document. 

And the best part for us? Your love reminds us of our love and how worthwhile sharing this life together is. Thank you for that. 

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