- I don't drink coffee- I'm a tea drinker
- I love the Lord of the Rings and have watched the movies a million times
-Chips and salsa is my biggest weakness - I'm always down to try a new Mexican restaurant
- I wish I was a morning person 
- I LOVE spicy food. I put hot sauce on everything I eat. 
- I'm obsessed with my dog and I think he's equally obsessed with me- He never leaves my side
- Staying in and binge watching TV with my husband and pup is my ideal date night

more things about me

I'm based in South Jersey with my husband, Chris and maltipoo, Carson. We love to travel to just about anywhere but the mountains are my favorite! Being in nature makes me so happy. When i was young and had my first camera I loved being outside and taking photos of the flowers or the sun light leaking through the trees. I realized photography was more than just a hobby but my passion when I took my best friends engagement photos for fun a few years ago. In that moment I realized that capturing candid and beautiful moments of couples in love is what lights my soul on fire. Getting to meet so many amazing people and documenting their most special milestones has been an absolute dream!

i'M Melissa

hi there!

Capturing the beauty of your everyday life